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    Fuel Pressure for Carter AFB 4bbl

    I've installed a cheaper electric fuel pump on the Wildcat, feeds a 425. I just came across the Carter P60504, that has the filter - that mounts between the fuel tank and pump. The P60504 only puts out 4lbs of pressure. Is this enough for the 425? I also had a glass filter in the fuel line...
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    Resistance Wire

    I got away from the cars for a bit, so I'm having trouble getting back to where I was when I pulled the old wiring harness on the 425 in my 64Wildcat. I've got the new wiring harness from the front bumper to the dash, andfrom the rear end to the dash. I installed a coil with the resistor build...
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    InRadiator Or External Trans Oil Cooler?

    Getting a lot of conflicting advice on whether to install a trans oil cooler outside the radiator, and just cool the engine with the radiator and the trans oil in it's own cooler. My thoughts are; the radiator will cool the engine faster/better if it is ONLY cooling the engine, an vice versa...
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    DashPot & Idle Station Switch

    Heeeeeee lp; misplaced the DashPot assembly when I rebuilt the carb and dressed up the intake on my 300ci 2bbl. I've been driving the auto parts stores around here nuts. My bigggest question; does the carb really care the make/model that the dash pot switch is originally made for??? any...
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    Buick Parts

    "The Buick Place" Discontinued Items THESE ARE CARS THAT ARE GOING TO BE ELIMINATED FROM OUR INVENTORY Qty Year Model Style Type of Damage Special Features 3 1962 Skylark 2dr hardtop 3 1962 Special 4dr sedan 2 1963 Skylark 2dr hardtop 2 1963 Special...
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    BIG BIG BIG Question

    After watching the crew on TV rebuild a late 60s MOPAR engine, they used the original vibration damper on the crank because they didn't change anything that was attached to the crank, and the damper had been factory balanced - vs the one in the rebuild kit, that would have thrown out the balance...
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    New Found Buick Parts Source

    Caught the new TV series, filmed at the Desert Valley Auto Parts, in Arizona, the other night. they have 10,000+ cars in their inventory. I called them and withing 24 hours they had the rear bumper tip for my 64 LeSabre. they invited me to tour their acres of classic cars when I pass...
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    Coil / wiring Dilema

    I kinda lost track of how to rewire the ignition to get my 300 started. I was able to fire up my 455 on the trailer, trying to use the same technique on the 300, but I'm not getting fire to the plugs. I measured the resistance on the coils - I bought a 2nd one for the 300, and I'm not getting...
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    455 swaps

    Can anyone tell me if a 455 outta a 73 Buick would drop into a 73 Pontiac or Olds? I have a friend that bought a 73 Pontiac Granville with a blown 455. We're wondering if my 455 outta the 73 Skylark would drop in. thanks Butch
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    Wiring Harnesses

    I've used AutoLock for the lectric window and door locks/openers, hood and trunk poppers quick response and good support
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    300ci valve keepers

    while putting valves back in the 300ci, one of the valve springs slipped and the keepers popped out - I heard it hit the wall and it disappeared into one of the many boxes of stuff in the garage. I've been searching locally + called TAPerformance (they have them but don't have single sets)...
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    Wiring Diagrams for all Buicks

    found this by accident :hurray: call up your Buick and print it out :bana: now to remember what I was looking for:confused: Butch
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    re use headgasket?

    I had to tear down the 300 again - going to replace all the headbolts. the engine hasn't been run since the heads were put back on with a new headgasket - can i reuse the head gasket, that has only been torqued down once. the composit head gaskets for the 300 are hard to find. I forget where...
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    Rewinding Alternators

    I went shopping for a 100-125amp alternator for the LeSabre's 300. The new wiring harness will allow either a one wire or three wire hookup to the alternator. I'm assuming the one wire alternator makes it possible to leave out the regulator. However after a few hours of going thru books at...
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    Leaking Carter AFB 4bbl

    Im usually full of advice - it's just been awhile since I rebuilt a carb.. I just rebuilt the carter on my 445 (425) and installed an electric fuel pump (to get a more "instant" start). now I find it's leaking gas around the pump shaft.. can it be that the floats aren't set right? I can't...
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    Engine Paint

    I saw a hot rod the other day that was candy apple red with an engine that was all chrome and a candy apple block... do you suppose the block was powder coated?? ironic, the color for the LeSabre is candy apple red with nevada silver top - now I would like to match the 310 block; candy apple...
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    Where did Buick go???

    down the tubes to,29307,1909818_1908558,00.html#ixzz0WyOZTIxJ :jeez:
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    changing speedometers/instrument panal

    My oldest daughter doesn't want the stock 64 dash in "HER" LeSabre. I found a '93 Buick, with the horizontal sweep speedometer, that I like. Anyone know if there is going to be a gearing problem (both automatics) Thanks Butch
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    Disc Brake Conversion video

    found this just cruisin the web - sure answered all my questions :hurray:
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    Glass channels & molding

    these folks have just about everything I think they are reasonable Butch :shield: