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    ^ +1. I have two sets of Carmens heads that i can't say enough about (one was formerly a set of yours Ted). When I changed cams he spent a lot of time with me over the correct springs, shims, heights and binds I would need.
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    From the 66 Chassis Service Manual listed in the reference section of our site: 1.690" closed inner spring height and 1.600" closed outer spring height. Also important from thet manual: the normal height of the valve stem above the valve rocker arm cover gasket surface is 1.540". You should be...
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    Possible Posi Problems?

    Gary, it sound like the posi unit is not working correctly. If you lift the rear off the ground, the tires should spin in the same direction when spinning one. If not the posi unit probably needs a rebuild. You might want to check for the one wheel peel. Also, check the fluid level before...
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    Need suggestions on 430 rebuild kits.

    Eddie, We are glad to have you right here and will do our best to see you down the right path. Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need help Identifying a engine.

    That number is not in our 300/340 casting numbers listed here. A search on the web identifies it for 66-67 300 two barrel Buick with 310 foot pounds of torque. This was from several individual sellers and a few from junk yards having the same number and identification. Maybe one of the guys...
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    1967 Skylark upgrade from 2 bbl to 4 bbl

    Eric, We have the 67 Chassis Service Manual here on this site. It has an extensive section (60-1) on the 300 and 340 engine with detailed specifications, operational descriptions, disassembly procedures, evaluative procedures and assembly procedures. I have a greasy hard copy that was a bible...
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    1967 Skylark upgrade from 2 bbl to 4 bbl

    Eric, It is good you snagged the iron manifold for your 300. The 64 and 65 original equipment 4 barrel were the only performance manifolds ever made for the 300. There is a way to get a Rover manifold to fit with specialty spacers. AFB is simply aluminum four barrel. These were a square bore...
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    1967 Skylark upgrade from 2 bbl to 4 bbl

    Did you get the iron or aluminum 4 barrel? The aluminum one from 64 has smaller intake ports then the iron heads on your 67. It is actually restrictive comparatively. The original 4 barrel carb for the 300 was a Carter AFB (3826S) that flowed about 500 CFM. They are no longer made, but some...
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    Looking for verification of number of 67 GS400 4-speed convertibles

    My “Guide to the Buick Gran Sport” has the same production number of 67 convertible four speeds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TA 4150 Single Plane Intake 455 motor

    These are just a converter flash away from the RPM where the dual plane can't touch it!
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    Need help Identifying a engine.

    BTW - The previous owner swapped the right and left exhaust manifolds to end forward. There must have been firewall clearance issues.
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    Need help Identifying a engine.

    OK, it is not a Nailhead for sure. I still think that is a partial vin for a 66: just not one with a Nailhead. The Buick 300 and 340 had 4 bolt valve covers and it looks like one of those (having owned both). Can you get the casting number off the intake manifold? The 340 had a wider intake...
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    Where can I find a starter for the 430?
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    Need help Identifying a engine.

    Scott, I think that is a partial vin number stamped on the valley pan rail: 6 would be 1966, B would be Baltimore assembly plant, and 145784 is the production number. The Nailheads had a partial vin stamped in that area during that era. There were only two in 66: the 401 and 425 (also a 400...
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    67 Riv 430 Q?

    We have the 400, 430, 455 head casting numbers here in our reference section. They are under the valve cover beneath the rocker arm shaft as I recall. The block casting number is on to of the bell housing adapter for the transmission.
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    1956 Buick Special Project

    That is a lot of work and fabrication coming along nicely! I have a stock hydroboost on my 2003 Mustang and there is a cooler. HD truck units may have needed it even more because of the weight upon and size of the steering components. I had used a hydroboost off of a mid 80s diesel Buick...
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    Does the 400 and the 350 have the same motor mounts?

    Engine mounts and frame pads are different between the 350 and 400.
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    revised engine hard to turn over

    I have almost no experience with the straight 8s, but here is a go anyway. I would take a torque wrench and see how much it takes to turn the motor over without plugs. I would look into the grounds or starter if it turns at less then 35 pounds.
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    new member from the Netherlands

    That 52 appears to have quite a lot of tire under the back. Does it have some secrets? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Steering Wheel truing....

    Generally the steering wheel and shaft have alignment marks to keep the steering wheel and linkage centered with respect to the centered pitman arm position. You can pop the cover to see, but my guess is the marks are aligned. The issue described is usually the result of an alignment where the...