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    53 3 speed rebuild parts

    Can anyone lead me to a parts source for rebuilding a 1953 3 speed manual? I pulled the cover and the front gear cup drum (if I am using the correct term) is floating. the retaining clip is missing and I found remnants in the case. I have not torn down the transmission.
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    Blower motor replacement

    I am trying to find a replacement fan motor for a 53 Special. The Delco part # is 5047666. I have not had any luck finding one searching online.
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    6 volt or 12

    I pulled the engine yesterday and decided I am going to clean things up while it's out. I am going to install a new wiring harness and I am looking for opinions on keeping the 6 volt system or upgrading to 12. The purist in me says keep the 6, but the practical side thinks I may be better off...
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    52 head in a 53

    I have a rebuilt 52 head and was wondering if I can use it in my 53. The shop manual says they are not interchangeable. ?????
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    Cylinder head swap

    I picked up a rebuilt head for a 263 straight eight. The seller said it was for 51 thru 53. I pulled out my manual when the head was delivered ( my bad, it was a little too late) which said the 52 and the 53 are not interchangeable. The new head is a 52 (I think) Does anyone know if this swap...