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  1. 68 wildcat

    1966 Wildcat 2 door Sport Coupe

    There are several good compounds you can use level the paint a bit before you throw wax at it. Others here are far more versed in what grit/technique you could use to get some more shine out of the paint/Clear. The original paint on mine is gone beyond redemption (now called patina) and the...
  2. 68 wildcat

    1966 Wildcat 2 door Sport Coupe

    Nice color! Very close to what I had planned to do with mine. It looks sort of matt finish in the second to last pic. The last pic looks shiner. Do you still have to buff it? These cars always have more rust than you think once you get the grinder out. Glad to see you replaced metal with metal...
  3. 68 wildcat

    Our "68 Skylark

    I would have to agree with the change to electronic ignition. In the long run, it's one less hassle to deal with and the spark will be hotter and the timing won't wander as the points close up with wear. Make sure the distributor you're converting is in good condition without any obvious wear on...
  4. 68 wildcat

    Possible Posi Problems?

    The place I took it to was a trans /diff specialist that came highly recommended so I guess I could go back, but they didn't impress me, but in general, diff shops around Montreal only seem to do commercial vehicles and rarely cars.
  5. 68 wildcat

    Possible Posi Problems?

    Hi all, Had the diff bearings and axle shaft bearings and seals done last year on my 68 Wildcat with a 3.07 posi trailer tow package. My hearing is now pretty bad and I only realized the diff bearings were going because I had every piece of the interior out except the driver's seat and dash and...
  6. 68 wildcat

    Need suggestions on 430 rebuild kits.

    You got that right!
  7. 68 wildcat

    My 69 Skylark Custom

    Take your time with it and don't be afraid to ask questions. My Wildcat is a good 20 footer with original sunbaked paint, dents and scratches and I never have to get stressed if it's in a parking lot.
  8. 68 wildcat

    wildcat hood interchange?

    Perhaps there's a way to highlight it in the menu (expect answer in less than 8 years) ;)
  9. 68 wildcat

    Need suggestions on 430 rebuild kits.

    Or stay at this forum as it's far more civilized.
  10. 68 wildcat

    1962 LeSabre Trans Issue

    I would order a filter,fluid and pan gasket and have a peek inside. if a sprag clutch or anything else went out, there would be debris in the pan. While it could be linkage related, it would be unlikely if all the other spots (park, reverse neutral and low) are lined up correctly. It can ba a...
  11. 68 wildcat

    My 69 Skylark Custom

    Very nice car you have there, I see potential. The "custom" badges on the front fenders don't belong there and whatever is on the sides of the hood are also gratuitous and I would lose them if you're into originality, but that's a minor point. Red bucket interior with pwr. windows would make...
  12. 68 wildcat

    Wildcat gas smell entering body when driving.

    The best thing would be to take a piece with you to an AutoZone or a place like that. Probably 5/16th., but by taking it with you, you can't go wrong. Get some mini clamps while you're there as well as you will likely need them.
  13. 68 wildcat

    Our "68 Skylark

    Very cool! It's so satisfying bringing something back from the dead. Fire away if you have any questions or run into any problems putting it back together as there is a font of knowledge here. Not always the fastest replies to your questions, it would seem, but we try. Wouldn't mind seeing a pic...
  14. 68 wildcat

    Wildcat gas smell entering body when driving.

    I would not be too nervous driving the car as the fumes would have to be in pretty high concentration to cause a problem. If you don't see a visible leak, you will have to experiment a bit to track down the source. You mentioned the vac lines. While I doubt that is the problem, you could just...
  15. 68 wildcat

    New from East Tn

    Welcome. Those engines come up for discussion regularly. Someone here is bound to know what you need. Ask away! Gary
  16. 1962 LeSabre

    Comment by '68 wildcat' in item '1962 LeSabre'

    Nice cruiser! The fact the tranny doesn't leak is very surprising on theses cars! If all else is working including reverse and there is no slippage, the problem could be in the valve body, but post your inquiry elsewhere on the site as it may not be found here by members.
  17. 68 wildcat

    Hello fro central California

    Cool car! I have the big brother 68 Wildcat. Lots of info and advice here compared to other sites. ASk away if you have any questions. Gary in Montreal
  18. 68 wildcat

    New guy 62 Lesabre

    or use this free site... This is also the least "political" site out there for Buicks sticking to cars exclusively...
  19. 68 wildcat

    No Reverse

    It sounds to me like you've done your due diligence already. It may be time to drive the car to the shop that did the reseal and find out where they went wrong.