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  1. TODD

    Turn signal fuse blows. 72 gs

    Here is a re-post of my reply in the Conversations sections in case you didn't see it there. I have a tendency to pass over msgs posted there and sometimes lose track of items. --------------------------------------------------------- Hi Brian, your fuse trouble is an interesting one to...
  2. TODD

    Where is the trunk of a 66 skylark be located? I have a yellow lead in the trunk but where does it go3

    The original trunk light switches (pre-2003) used a mercury switch. When the lid was down, the mercury blob would roll away from the contacts and turn light off. When the lid was up, the mercury would roll across the contacts and turn bulb on. Doubt your replacement socket uses mercury if it...
  3. TODD

    Need help Identifying a engine.

    Steve, here is a thread from 3 years ago on identifying a very similar engine. It had a 1375561 intake manifold and a 6B1xxxxx partial VIN. The owner was able to find the ML code stamped on the block which confirmed it to be a '66 300 2-bbl, same as your ID...
  4. TODD

    Modified Buick 320ci Straight 8 Engine

    Buick started using hydraulic lifters on the 320 part way into the 1948 model year. See attached dealer service bulletin from '48 that details changes made to accomodate the hydraulic lifters. The 320 mechanical lifters used a no 1319209 pushrod on '41 to early '48 cars. It was part of a...
  5. TODD

    New member need help.

    Haven't come up with any new ideas yet just a few more questions: Did performance improve after latest disassembly/reassembly? Did it ever run right with the combination of parts in place now? Does behavior improve at all by rotating the distributor one way or the other?
  6. TODD

    straigt 8 engine numbers

    Kerry, 1937 was the first year Buick used the prefix digit on the engine block to denote the car series. It makes sense the first digit is something other than 4, 6, 8, or 9 on a NOS block which has never been installed. For 1937 it would either be a 248 or 320 cid. The cylinder bore and main...
  7. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    One idea would be to take your defective core to a local radiator repair shop. Possibly they can repair it or install a new core element. Perhaps they could even fabricate a new heater core assembly from new components. Though it is small, work could be difficult and cost as much as working...
  8. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    The heater core is GM part number 3148545. Usage was on 1961-63 Buick Special and Skylark 1961-63 Oldsmobile F-85 and Cutlass
  9. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    Excellent! The price is 1/3 of the first one. I was hoping something like that would happen.
  10. TODD

    Valve Guide Clearance

    As far as the service limit on used parts, one 1984 college-level engine rebuilding textbook uses a limit of 50% over the published spec limits for new items. See attached pages for more details and measuring techniques. So using the Buick Shop Manual numbers, it looks like your worst exhaust...
  11. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    Yes, here is one item offered for sale: The GM part number is 3151404. Aftermarket valve suppliers use the number H1242. This part was used on the following cars: 1961-63 Buick Special and Skylark with V8 1961-63 Oldsmobile F-85 and Cutlass
  12. TODD

    225 rocker cover plug

    Something like this Amazon item looks promising...
  13. TODD

    1963 Dynaflow Help

    It looks like the reverse brake band operating strut. It goes between the reverse band and the reverse band operating lever. Buick part no is 1333465. From the chassis service manual, it appears in Fig 5-16 (end view). A better view appears in Fig 5-35 under the instructions of how to catch it...
  14. TODD

    New member need help.

    Here's the torque chart and the section about removal/replacement of the timing chain cover. Also a section on checking TDC vs camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. Looks like 30 ft-lbs is needed. There appears to be no bolt-tightening sequence given. I guess I would start at the dowel pins...
  15. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    It is not clear what views you need of the carburetor. Some earlier Buicks had electrical wiring from the starter motor circuit attached to the carburetor. The wiring was used to start the car by depressing the accelerator pedal. This feature and the wiring were discontinued after 1960. I...
  16. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    Here are some pages regarding the heater from the chassis service manual and the master parts book. Typically when a new owner finds the cabin radiator (heater core) disconnected from the engine, it means the heater core developed a leak inside the cabin.
  17. TODD

    Need pictures of engine compartment Skylark 63, V8 3,5L 215

    Here are some drawings of the washer assembly from the 1963 Buick Special/Skylark Chassis Service Manual. Hope this is the information you need.
  18. TODD

    64 Buick 300 trans. switch/ dashpot adj.

    There were a couple of dealer service bulletins on the switch adjustments issued by Buick in 1964. See attached copies. The kickdown switch adjustment procedure is fairly straightforward and will insure full throttle travel. The idle stator dashpot switch adjustment is more tricky. There were...
  19. TODD

    1940 Buick rear end

    The rest of the pages.
  20. TODD

    1940 Buick rear end

    The disassembly/reassembly steps are shown in the 1940 Shop Manual (copy attached). There's a couple of exploded parts views included as well. It will take 2 messages to send the pages. Hope this helps😊.