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    Test Listing...

    It's funny you picked that bird. I shot a hog the other day and dragged it out to the back pasture. In the next couple of days I had about a hundred of those varmints back there feasting on pork. What's funny is, I'm full up on'm! Oh well, I thought it funny.
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    Been Awhile

    Pleasant surprise, I think. Just trying to find my way around is the only reason for post. I guess I need to visit more. Hay Bob.
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    Need 2Bbl. carb for 1980 V6 manifold.

    around $100 check ebay under: Reman Rochester 2-Jet 2-Barrel Carburetor Carb 1977 Buick Regal Century 3.8L 231
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    No pressure from oil pump

    Put a oil pressure gauge on the car and had a heart attack. The new gauge shows around 4 lbs of pressure at idle and I can't get it higher than 15 when it warms up. When I first start the engine it's right at 20 and drops as it warms. From what I can see the oil pump should be easy to work...
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    New Wanted Listing:

    A new Wanted listing has been posted by Utah Blaine: The description for this listing is: -------------------------------------------------------------- Need two 15" wheels like the one pictured. They don't have to look perfect but not bent. Center caps would be nice but not necessary...
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    How to?

    How do you load a picture here from my photo files? I need a couple of 15" rims and cant get the picture thing to work. Ok, I put the picture on my signature. Would still like to know how to put a picture in the thread.
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    New Rubber

    Need some help finding someplace to get new rubber for the doors on my Regal. I have had a real bad experience with a company and am looking for someplace else to get the side windows and doors sealed right. Is there a company some of you have had good luck with? I don't want to try someplace...
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    Best Radiator

    Need a new radiator but don't know what would be best. I've found all aluminum and aluminum with plastic tanks. The plastic tank ones are less expensive but will they cool as good as the all aluminum? My engine is a small ci (231) but I need to keep it as cool as possible. I have a 160...
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    Rear wheels and tires

    Here is a question for all you 79 Buick Regal owners out there. I want to put a wide tire on the rear of my car. Anyone know how wide (tire) I can go and what rim I should get? I would like to keep it 14 inch like the original but may have the height in the wheel well for a 15. The original...
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    83 Q-jet 4bbl t

    I was reading in another forum and it came up about converting a q-jet to e85. Thought I would ask carmantx about this since it was him they were talking about. Can a Q-jet off a 1983 T Regal be converted to use e85? I have one off a 79 and 83. What is the difference in the two besides the...
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    Webmaster, you around anywhere?

    Does anyone ever check out the contact us?
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    Runs Really Ruff in Drive

    Replaced all vacuum hoses, plugs and wires, fixed all electrical and engine runs really good. Real smooth until I put it in drive. The engine starts to run like its running on 4 cylinders. I have the car on jack stands and haven't cleaned the gas tank yet. The gas is supplied from a 5 gal...
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    I had the engine running today and took the negative battery cable off and the car died. Am I to assume the alternator is no good? I have no gauges or warning lights yet so (fuses probably) no red light to observe.
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    Thermostat or Water Pump?

    Got the engine running today and it heated up real fast. The heater hoses were real hot but cold water in the radiator. Ye wreckn' the thermo is frozen? Please don't say water pump. I could be though. I replaced some heater hoses and lost the coolant out of them. Filled the radiator...
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    Electric Choke

    Anyone know where, or what, the wire goes to on the M4MC Rochester carb electric choke. It must go to one of the wires in the engine harness where the ESC controller hooks in. There should be two I would think. One for the heat gauge and the other for the choke. What color would these two be?