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    66 Skylark, 7? 455 and 19?? HEI distributor

    Hi all, I have finally managed to get my 66 started, a little rough mind you, but started none the less. Here are my questions and I sure hope to use your experience to my advantage. Just a little background on the 66. I purchased her unrunning from a guy that had a 'friend' working on the...
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    Block Question

    Ok, I have found the block casting numbers but now I have another question. I have found the listings for the casting numbers but I am wondering what the "GM 4" casting means? Does anyone know what that means? Thanks,
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    Hi all, I just got a 1966 Skylark

    Hi, I just purchased a 1966 Skylark and she is a project. I got her from a guy that has had her for about 20 years and has not driven her since 2008. He had stripped and primed the front clip and just sprayed over paint the rest of the car. He said that the engine is from a '71 GS but he did...
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    First timer question

    Hello, I just purchased a 1966 Skylark and the person that I got it from knew nothing about the engine. He said that he had a friend that was working on it (not in a good way) and when I got it she was not running. The past owner has had it for about 20 years and he was working on the body...