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    thanks for the Add guy's

    My new project is a 1956 Buick century deluxe Riviera 4 door hardtop,how do i post a photo?
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    1939 Buick straight eight

    Well after nearly a 60 year sleep I've just managed to get my Buick 8 running, even if it was for 3 seconds Lol Had to hold the solenoid starter arm and short it on the starter to get it to turn over and it fired up. Just waiting for a new starter solenoid and will try it with a button...
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    1939 buick special 40 starter motor bolt thread size

    help needed, can anyone tell me what the bolt/thread is used to attatch the starter motor to the bell housing please? thanks in advance Mike
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    Newbie Just Bought a 1939 Buick special 40 sedan

    Hello from the United Kingdom, I have just bought a 1939 Buick special 40 which has not run since about 1952. the engine is not stuck as it has been towed 10 feet and still turns over! the starter motor was in the trunk and I have put power to it and it spins. i`m not sure how to upload a...