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    70 skylark rear springs

    Im installing new rear springs in a 70 skylark. There is no Ident tape on my springs Does anyone know which end of the spring is the top? my new springs have a slightly tighter coil on one end. is that the bottom or the top? Thanks
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    Part No 9790378 and 9790377

    Hi all. Im installing a new rear from a 71 GS into my 70 skylark convertible. My assembly manual shows a spacer part no 9790378 and 377 for GS 455. It mounts where the rear jounce bumper at the control arm mounting point. Is this an essential part? Does anyone have a pair?
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    1070 Skylark front coil spring loacation

    Hi all. I am installing new springs in my 1970 skylark. page 30-4 figure 30-2 of the manual says that the bottom end of the coil spring needs to be located within .25" of the front of the slot in the bottom control arm without completely covering the slot. I have seen a very informative video on...
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    Pinion depth gauge

    Does anyone have a GM pinion depth gauge j-8619-01 and j5647-03, and dial indicator j-8001-3 that they would lend, rent, or sell? I'm trying to set up a rear and would prefer not to go the guess-check-measure route. Thanks.
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    Upper a arm ball joint question.

    I am installing new ball joints on my 1970 skylark. I removed the originals rivets and all. My factory service manual says to mount the new ball joints by installing the bolts from the bottom with the nuts on the top side. I have seen 10 68-72 gm a body cars All with the ball joint bolts...
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    71 GS rear... Or not?

    Can anyone help me identify a rear by the axle tube stamp? I was told it was from a 71 GS, but I'm not positive. The axle tube stamp is LL 00BB. 1006622. It is a posi with an eaton carrier. Any help or information is greatly appreciated...
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    AC delete

    I want to delete my ac unit from my 1970 Skylark convertible. Besides patching the opening in my firewall, and obtaining a heater blower box for the firewall side, is it necessary to use a non ac heater core, and a heat only unit for under the dash? I already have a new ac heater core, but I...
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    Stuck Rear drums

    I bought a 10 bolt posi rear with rear drums stuck so badly the rear will not turn. I want to remove them for teardown, but I cannot move the starwheel adjuster because it is rusted so badly. Any suggestions for removing the drums without damaging them?
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    8.5 Corporate Rear

    Can someone explain the concept of "GM Corporate" ? What does it mean? I was recently told by a Chevelle guy that all 8.5" rears are "corporate", and have c-clips retaining the axles. He said that the only way to use an 8.5" rear without c-clips is to use aftermarket c-clip eliminators. Are all...
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    Ring gear bolts

    My 1970 Buick Chassis manual states that for 1970 Skylark 10 bolt rears use 7/16" left-hand thread ring gear to carrier bolts. Several non Buick sites declare that the best way to determine whether or not a 10 bolt rear is an 8.2 or an 8.5 rear is to remove a ring gear bolt. If it is an 8.2, it...
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    1970 Convertible springs

    I am trying to find good springs to use in my 1970 Convertible Skylark. I am replacing the original 350 with AC for a 455 and removing the AC. I think the overall weight change is nominal. Does anyone have any recommendations for front springs for my situation? I do not want a rock hopper, but I...
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    12 Bolt Chevelle rear

    I have been searching for the best rear I can afford for my budget, and I have come across a 12 bolt posi rear, cleaned and rebuilt without gears for $400. I have a 1970 Skylark convertible with a fresh 455, and need to learn all I can about putting this Chevy rear into my Buick. Are my gear...
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    switch to an 8.5, or keep my 8.2

    I have a chance to pick up a 10 bolt 8.5 rear from a 72 skylark for next to nothing. I currently have an 8.2 in my 70 skylark. Both rears are non-posi. Does either rear offer anything more in terms of performance, bigger brakes, durability, cost of parts to rebuild/convert to posi? Which would...
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    1970 Skylark Upper control arm shafts

    I am about to restore my front suspension. The front end kits come with averything including upper control arm shafts with bushings. My service manual says the upper arms are to be serviced as a unit. If I buy a kit, what is the best way to get the shafts out of my current upper control arms...
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    Rear end identification

    I have a 1970 Skylark convertible, and cannot identify the rear end with my shop manual. The only number I can find is 1385724-F. This number is not on the bottom of the axle tube either. Rather, it is on the front end side of the differential housing. Any help is always good. -Joe