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    Driver side door glass change

    So I have a 1953 special 4 door with a broken driver side front door window. I have procured a new window but I thought I might ask here on any tips and tricks of getting the old one out and the new one in. I have taken off the door panel and seen that there's not much room in the way of access...
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    Compatible glass

    I have a 53 Special sedan, I found a 52 super sedan parts car. The guy says the glass is interchangeable. I imagine he would say anything to sell some parts. Is this true?
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    Door sills......

    Anybody know where I can find door sills for a 1953 Buick special 4 door? I found them on CARS website but it says it will be 32 weeks for delivery.... yowza!
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    53 buick seat uninstall

    I'm about to take the front and rear seat out of my 53 Buick special 4 door to be reupholstered. Anybody out there done this? Any tips tricks or things I need to look out for?
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    Seat covers and door panels

    Hi there, after exhausting efforts locally looking for somebody to reupholster my front and back bench seat in a 53 Buick special I have come to the conclusion that my best bet is probably custom seat covers. I found a couple guys that say they will do them but that they have never done them...
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    53 Buick special glass

    Anybody got a line on a driver side window and windshield for a 53 Buick special sedan?
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    So many questions! Lol

    Okay, I got under there this afternoon. I see the lead you're talking about coming off of the light switch. It's going to a bare wire. I believe that is supposed to be going to one side of the inline fuse. on the other side of the radio I see what seems to be a fixture for the inline fuse. Also...
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    So many questions! Lol

    53 special I posted a reply but I don't see it on here, maybe it will show up later and I will have to delete one. Anyways here's what I said..... Yikes about the radio.... hopefully nothing too crazy. Yeah my transmission has whine in all three gears. I suspect maybe the gear oil is low...
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    53 special wheel debate!

    53 special The new Wheels
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    53 special wheel debate!

    53 special The originals
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    53 special wheel debate!

    So I took the old set of wheels off my 53 special and I put a new set on. I have mixed feelings about the new set. Everybody has their opinions when they see the car. Some like the original Wheels, some like the new Wheels. The car will be lowered in the future so keep that in mind. But I would...
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    So many questions! Lol

    53 special Yikes about the radio.... hopefully nothing too crazy. Yeah my transmission has whine in all three gears. I suspect maybe the gear oil is low. That's why I was trying to find out where the filler and drain is. I'll attach a picture. Thanks for the reply!
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    53 buick special in seattle

    Hi there, longtime GM owner first time Buick owner. Picked up a 53 Buick special in pretty good shape. I have lots of questions and hope to find answers here. It's a straight 8 with a 3-speed... I'll be posting pictures here and there on its progress. It's definitely one of the more sexy cars...
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    So many questions! Lol

    First of all, hi there I'm new here. Have them some looking around on some of these posts and it sounds like there is a wealth of knowledge in this forum. I look forward to learning in contributing. Have always been a GM guy but never owned a Buick until now. I just purchased a 53 Buick special...