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  • i am sorry of not send you a messege of dynaflow i was intreesed in.Still
    but i newer order anyting outside Sweden.Have you dynaflow still?
    I did not read the letters.I am trying to keep my 54 in orginally
    not chevy parts. its to easy.If you have sold Dynaflow it is not
    any problems.Tanks for your intressed.
    Stubbe in Sweden.
    i am intressed but i newer shipt a Dynaflow ower seas.Order some parts
    whith sailers in Sweden,works alwrigt so far.Small parts from Canter,rubber
    seals,some small parts.The Dyna from what year?Condition is it complete?
    turbin ok?Bell housing not leak oil.Many questions but i will know the status
    of the dyna you will sell:
    Stubbe in Sweden
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