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    Wildcat Body Mounts

    I presume you have tried Steele Rubber Products.
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    Disc brake conversion

    I bought a new master to replace the one that was on the car when I reinstalled the booster after it was rebuilt. I have pix but can't figure out how to attach them. I will keep trying
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    Disc brake conversion

    More great information. Thanks Jeff!!
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    Disc brake conversion

    WOW!!! Thanks for all of the great information. I was in hopes of some tips and you gave me what may be everything I need to know. Thanks again!
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    Disc brake conversion

    I have a 62 Electra 225. When I bought it the booster needed repair so I sent it to Booster Dewey. Also replaced the master cylinder. Now I'm thinking about converting to front discs with a Scarebird bracket. Has anyone done this? I know I will need a proportioning valve. Can I split the line...
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    Comment by 'BuddyJ' in item 'Cylinder Head bolts'

    I think most DIY rebuilds of 'driver/cruisers' reuse the head bolts. ARP lists mostly stud kits. You might try emailing them and see if they have bolts that would work for non-racing applications. Good luck!
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    401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale

    StrayCatFaust. Just wondering if you are still interested in the 401?
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    401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale

    We are back in town. Call me at 480-229-0975
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    401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale

    Yes I still have them both. We are snowbirds and will be back in AZ in about 6 weeks. If that works for you I will let you know when we arrive and make arrangements for you to see them. Thanks for inquiring.
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    Anyone else driving their old girls yet

    I live in Phoenix, AZ so I can drive my '62 Electra 225 every day. I'm not bragging, I've lived here for 46 years and winter weather, 70's and 80's and sunny, is what we put up with summer weather for, 110 and BLAZING sun. My car is a black fourdoor hardtop. Gets lots of stares and honks. I'm...
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    401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale

    BuddyJ submitted a new listing: 401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale - 401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale View the entire listing here...
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    For Sale 401 Nailhead and Dynaflo for sale

    Came from a 1962 Electra 225. Turns freely. Trans is from the same car. It also turns freely. I don't know anything more about them. Located in Phoenix, AZ. I don't have a way to ship, must be local pickup. Engine $450 Trans $200 I tried to add photos but it won't let me, files are to large and...
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    Friends call me Bud. I'm new to the Buick Family. Bought a '62 Electra 225 4 door hardtop about a year and a half ago. Lots of fun to drive, everybody looks and many want to talk about it. No one has been right about the make or year it's fun. I'm getting ready to do some front end and brake...