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    1964 LeSabre Sedan project.

    I've had this car since 2003. It was originally White over Black with a fawn interior and had a 310 Wildcat (2bbl 300 cid v8) with a column shifted 3 speed manual transmission. I drove it as is for awhile, then the shift bowl on the column shiftier broke. I couldn't find a replacement. The...
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    Rear end gear ratio in a 64 LeSabre Sedan

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the engine swap forum. I'm trying to figure out the rear gear ratio on my 1964 LeSabre Sedan. The car originally had a a Wildcat 310 (2 bbl 300 cid v8) with a three speed manual. I've swapped in a Cadillac 425 with a Turbo 400 from a 1979 DeVille. I...
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    High everyone. Here's my 1964 LeSabre sedan with a 425 cid Cadillac V8 shoehorned in.