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    65 rivera headlight door motor

    He can be a bit crotchety... He is also a vendor for Clarks Corvair, in which they will stand behind things properly, even if HE doesn't. The problem is, there aren't that many vendors for our application. The wiring diagram is also posted on his website. There is a WAR AND PEACE bulletin for...
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    65 rivera headlight door motor

    Have you tried to contact him and work it out? FYI he does have a website: If you are member of the ROA (recommended!) you have an avenue there too as he also advertises in the clasified there. Send him a message via Ebay with the complaint. Did you pay via...
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    425 nailhead crank pulley

    I'm in the process of making a batch of aluminum ones, but they wont be done for a while yet. You in a hurry? How soon you need it? Erik
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    Clicking noise

    U-joints Yup. Put it on stands...Be Careful!!! Turn the axle by the wheel while you listen and feel.
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    65 Rivi Clamshell ?

    no... but.... I think most folks would rather restore the factory set-up than try to re-engineer something. There are enough usable parts available in the boneyards as well as the motor is now more available than it was. The motor especialy used to be hard to come by, now I see them all the...
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    64 Rivi / Headers or stock exhaust manifold

    Port matching is basically grinding away any "lip" or "overhang" into the flow of exhaust by "matching" up the port openings. No need for a machinist as a dremmel will work fine for all you will be doing. It's not really even necissary, except for squeezing out every bit you can of "free"...
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    64 Rivi / Headers or stock exhaust manifold

    Toms right! I would put his rockers on the top of the list far above the NEED for headers. I tested them too!:thumbsup: I would definately port match the manifolds at the minimum. Tom has some ideas I almost persued about doing some modifications to the stock manifolds that may work better...
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    Carburators for 2x4 364 Nailhead?

    Are you using (or going to use) progressive linkage? If you are then you could run a smaller one for the rear for better milage and when you want to open it up, kick in the forward larger carb when the secondaries com open on the first carb. Tom T (telriv) has been suggesting this as a better...
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    64 Rivi / Headers or stock exhaust manifold

    Jeff, Good question. I had the same question when I rebuilt mine. I had my engine on the dyno and did the comparison testing between the Sanderson headers and the stock manifolds. For my build the Sanderson headers are worth roughly (peak) 5 HP on my engine (with a moderate build), and up to 5...
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    65 Riviera

    The correct color is teal green. I agree that someone has repainted it a different color at some point. Paint it whatever color you like, but me personaly I like the green, and it also sets it apart from every other bowtie. I bought my Buick Green paint from Classic Buicks mostly because their...