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  1. 68 wildcat

    Comment by '68 wildcat' in item 'Hello'

    Beautiful lines on the 2 Dr. It does look like once the quarterpanel is grafted in, you will have a solid car. Nice find, Gary
  2. 68 wildcat

    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    Check reviews for batteries online if possible. Any advice I would give you would be based on what I can buy here in Canada and wouldn't be much use to you. The Battery has to be rated for your car which all battery retailers could look up if their info goes back far enough.
  3. 68 wildcat

    New owner of a 1966 Wildcat sedan

    I bought the car in Alberta and 1 year later, I bought a parts Wildcat also in Alberta and drove down to strip it of parts and brought the parts home to Montreal. Not much left in Montreal for parts. Shipping, duty and dollar exchange means I try to shop in Canada if possible.
  4. 68 wildcat

    1967 Buick GS Stalled in Drive Through & Now Wont Crank. Ughhhhhh!!!

    Sounds like a bad neutral safety switch to me based on the description.I would bypass that first if the battery and charging system are up to snuff.
  5. 68 wildcat

    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    Always start with a known good battery and work your way forward from there.
  6. 68 wildcat

    New owner of a 1966 Wildcat sedan

    Welcome Charles, Lots of good information here when you need advice. In Montreal now, but miss the Pacific Northwest! Love Oregon and Portland! Try to score a shop manual for the car. Makes life easier. Gary (1968 Wildcat)
  7. 68 wildcat

    65 Wildcat Convertible coolant loss.

    Or the rad cap isn't holding pressure and releasing coolant
  8. 68 wildcat

    65 Wildcat Convertible coolant loss.

    Fran, Could it be possible that you are overfilling the rad? There needs to be room for the coolant to expand when the car warms up. Several quarts does sound like a lot though. You could also remove the plugs and look for one with a very white porcelain tip. that would indicate head gasket...
  9. 68 wildcat

    1968 Wildcat 2 dr. Custom Interior parts

    This listing has been removed and is no longer available for viewing.
  10. 68 wildcat

    Charging issue

    I second that. On my 68 wildcat, the battery would discharge slowly when parked. Traced it to a faulty regulator. Unplug the regulator, no more drain. Went with a 90 amp alt with a built in reg. Been great ever since.
  11. 68 wildcat

    New french member and first american car !

    I had a 66 Chevelle SS and I always liked the simple taillights. Your year Skylark has the "square" version which I also love.
  12. 68 wildcat

    1 week in

    Welcome to the world of Buick! Lots of info on this site if you have questions. Gary in Montreal
  13. 68 wildcat

    Comment by '68 wildcat' in item '1973 Buick Electra 225 Custom Limited'

    Beautiful car! I had a 1974 Electra coupe in Black and it was my favorite car for a long time. I really miss it. Here's a shot of it when I was 19!
  14. 68 wildcat

    New french member and first american car !

    You may want to deal with the kink in the heater hose before you get a leak. It will probably significantly reduce the heater output like that.
  15. 68 wildcat

    1968 Buick Wildcat 2 Dr. Buckets and Custom Sport interior

    Sadly, I have to let my Wildcat go as my priorities have changed. Here's a link to the KIJIJI ad. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the car. probably not possible to ship to the states during Covid, but I have not verified that. Thanks Gary...