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    Schocks rear of 1954.

    Panhard bushings are available from most Buick suppliers like CARS Buick in New Jersey, Bob's Automobilia, Fuscik Buick, etc. These are too soft and will soon wear out. Or Polyurethane: from part number "bulk 2007" will need to trim and grind to duplicate the...
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    Schocks rear of 1954.

    Fill the shocks with hydraulic jack oil. You might have to do it a few times to get oil down into the cylinders. If leaking badly but functioning well with a full load of fluid, just reseal: LINK Functioning lever shocks are better than any tube shock. Replace the panhard bar bushings to keep...
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    Electric fuel pump

    The brakes are vacuum assist and require more than the engine produces. Don't know who told you this, but the engine produces plenty of vacuum; yours and all other power brakes have vacuum storage too. The two stage fuel/vacuum pump does this so I guess the only other choice would be to put in a...
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    263 Stumbles under load

    Sometimes you get a stumble/bog when transitioning from the (rich) idle jets below the throttle plate to the (leaner) jets above. Try setting the idle screws as lean as possible while still maintaining acceptable idle.
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    revised engine hard to turn over

    If this is a standard transmission car, just tow it around the block with the plugs out to loosen it up. Watch the oil pressure gauge.
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    CALLING ALL DYNAFLOW GURU's Question About Dynaflow differences

    It will "work" if you change the U-joint to a 55, but that 56 transmission is about 1" longer overall and your axle will not be centered...the springs will rub in the pockets and the panhard bar will rub the differential cover. When I did mine I put a bunch of grease on the rubbing areas and...
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    Buick green engine paint.

    I tried some and it is not even close. Maybe if the whole engine is painted and looked at under the shade of the hood and parked away from some correct ones, it might pass... Different brands may have a tint different than the one I tried. You will be closer to correct buying from a Buick...
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    Smoke at idle only...

    Oil type and weight? Any blow-by? Valve guide test: coast from 60 mph down to 40 mph and nail it...puff of smoke indicates valve guides sucking oil.
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    1950 STEERING...SO BAD

    Take your service manual and show them the specs and procedures...then take the car. The camber should be set at near zero; every 180 degree turn of the eccentric pin gets you to zero; use the zero camber setting that gets the caster near where you want it; then set the toe in (not rocket...
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    1950 STEERING...SO BAD

    As will positive caster. Check the setting on that "professional wheel alignment" Modern cars are set with lots of positive caster for directional stability and return to center with radial tires. Not a problem with power steering.
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    1950 STEERING...SO BAD

    Just referring to any manual steering car if you have the seat all the way back. Your difference may be differences in steering ratio, angle of steering wheel, pitman arm length...
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    1950 STEERING...SO BAD

    Move the seat close to the steering wheel (as your belly allows :eek:). Those cars will be impossible to steer with your arms extended with the seat all the way back.