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Thread: Stuck Straight Eight

  1. I bought a Junkyard Hemi (for my Desoto) and several of the pistons were frozen solid. They had rust curving up to the cylinder walls!! I tried every remedy I heard about: Marvel mystery oil, kerosene, heat... and they wouldn't budge. Well, I was talking to the machinist who did the work on my 248 (50 special (43)) and he said "Just put a little coke on it!!" I tried this. No special technique mind you, I just filled the cylinder and let it sit for about 15 "FIFTEEN!!" minutes and I was able to break all the piston free with very little effort!! I actually used Walmart cheap cola but you won't tell anyone will you?

  2. Thumbs up Re: Coca-Cola

    Hey GB's of Fire

    Thanks for the Response and the Tip along with the Explaination of the process.

    They Broke Loose in just 15 minutes.

    I wonder if it will work on Rusted Bolts? I will have to give that a Shot.

    I won't tell anyone that you used the generic. I was wondering if you needed to use diet or caffine free.

    By the way, My Son works for Coca-Cola, maybe this will give him an idea for a New Add Campain. You will probably see it "Kick-Off" during the half-time show on Superbowl Sunday (LOL)

    Again thanks for the information!

    This ones for YOU


    Tom Gallagher
    Thanking YOU, for YOUR Valued Cooperation and Experience in This Matter.

    Tom Gallagher (BUICK BANSHEE)
    1956 Buick Special 2 Door H/Top 46R: Red & White
    Darlington Station, RI. 02861

  3. Are you saying it worked for you also? Great! Tell your son I'd be happy to "loan" my Desoto out for his commercial!!

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    cmac Guest

    51 straight 8

    I have a straight 8 for sale with tranny, whats it worth? The engine ran 2 years ago.

  5. Where are you located? How much are you looking to get for it?


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    OLe JIM Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Gallagher
    Great ***** of Fire.

    Coca-Cola used for freeing up Motors.

    This is the First Time hearing of THAT Remedy!

    Could You Please explain or expound on the Subject

    Thanking YOU in Advance for Your Value Information and Cooperation!


    Tom Gallagher
    TOM COCA COLA will Eat RUST as good as anything I know of? Better than Most? Products on the market for that purpose! but Don*t leave it there until it Dries UP! or YOU have One very Sticky Mess! So Keep adding New Coke to the Cyls until YOU can Turn the Engine w/ a Bar? & then Wash w/ Hot water & Blow Dry! & a Thin coat of OIL won*t Hurt! Good LUCK! Ole JIM

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    oldiron Guest


    If your smart, you tell the person that it their engine and they need to give you a price. If you like it you will buy it and if you don't you won't. That way they won't think you want it real bad and the price go up. IMO

  8. Phosphoric acid is the clue

    Coca~Cola has some phosphoric acid content which is the same thing they use at engine rebuilding houses to dip engine blocks into. Ever wonder how they manage to get all of those oil and water galleries cleaned out so well? Phosphoric acid dip and a follow-up dip in a hot caustic soda bath.

    Here are some interesting web pages on other uses for Coca~Cola.

    And here is Coke's webpage:

    They are not amused about the rumors and urban legends.

  9. Some REALLY old cars had clutch plates made of cork. I was told that when this cork clutch begins to slip, a squirt of Coke will cure it!

  10. Freeing a Stuck Straight 8

    Demon (our club pres.) recommends this:

    Try concentrated high-grade vinegar to free your stuck pistons. Fill the cylinders and let it sit for a week. Keep 'em topped off. Mystery oil works, if it's not rusted. A way to drive out a stuck piston without marring the cylinders is to put a wood dowel over it, as close to the cylinder diameter as you can and tap it with a hammer. Another thing you can do if the head gaskets are intact, fill it with vinegar, WD-40, mystery oil, seal the valves and thread in a compression fitting with a regulator and apply a couple pounds of pressure (5-15 psi). Other than that, good luck!

    Pinstriper/Custom Painter/Bodyman
    "Devil's Pit" Car Club
    Thief River Falls, MN
    Nate "Snake-Man" Shmay
    Club President/Pinstriper
    "Devil's Pit" Hotrod Club
    Thief River Falls, MN

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