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  1. 1965 buick trans

    I have a 1965 buick skylark with a 300 small block with orginal trans. I want to swap out for a overdrive trans. Like a 200 4R Will it work without an adaptor plate

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    Absolutely yes. The 200-4R will bolt to your 300 block without an adaptor. It is the same length and has the same output spline as your two-speed transmission, so you won't need to do anything to the driveshaft. Your present crossmember will work, but you will need to move it back to line up with the 200-4R rear mount.

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  3. Ray
    will it fit under the transmission hump in the floor pan? he may need a sledge for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bob k. mando View Post
    will it fit under the transmission hump in the floor pan? he may need a sledge for that.
    Yes, it will fit. The 200-4R is no bulkier than the ST300.


  5. There was a HR article with this swap a few years back (67 Skylark with same basic frame and underbody). There were no clearance issues and the original driveshaft even fit (length and size). The crossmember was the only thing that needed to be modified/moved as Ray stated.
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  6. 200r4 to st300

    Try to get a trans from a Buick or Olds the fill tube and dipstick from a Chevrolet will not bolt in. It was an easy swap for me.

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    Just completed a similar swap. I replaced a 225/ST300 with a 340/200-4r in a 64 Skylark. I used a Chevy crossmember because of the location of the rear motormount on the 200-4r. The Chevy crossmember is tubular with an extension in the front that allows bolting the tranny up without interfering with the pan. I had to drill new holes in the frame to move the crossmember back 6 1/4 inches. Your 65 may already have holes drilled (uses the same holes as the turbo 400). I tried using the Olds dipstick but had clearance issues and went with the flexible Lokar dipstick tube instead. The most challenging part was hooking up the TV cable to the carb. I had to use a 1" spacer to raise the carb, add an Edelbrock adaptor arm to the linkage, and modify a Summit cable bracket to make it work.

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