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Thread: Drum to disk brakes conversion

  1. Drum to disk brakes conversion

    Hello everyone,

    I am redoing my front end on my 1972 buick skylark 350. Including; master cylinder, porportioning valve, ball joints, control arm bushings, inner and outer tie rods, adjuster sleeves, centerlink, springs, shocks along with disk brake assembly. I was just looking for some knowledge on this project and things to look out for or do's or don'ts.

    First Question... My car does not have a disk brake hold off valve but my dooner car does (dooner car in a 69 or 70's car). Do I need to put the disk brake hold off valve on my car with the set up or could I just put a newer 73-77 porportioning valve to elimanate the disk brake hold off valve?


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    the disc brake proportion valve is different than the drum valve, so you need to swap them. i think the 73 and later items are different and wont work, i know the disc items are different. you may can find used parts from another 70-72 a body car, like a monte carlo.
    on my 72, i got new disc items from ebay and they worked fine. i wanted stock type so i could use any pads, and not need special order ones. kit came with spindles, backing plates and all I needed. about the same price as used I had bought before for the 70 car I have. I think inline tube also has a correct proportioning valve available. I did buy a used one of those from a disc brake car.

    hope this helps. good luck.
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  3. Thank you. I called inline tube yesterday and they sell a proportioning valve that will work for my car so that is the route I will be taking.

    Thanks for your help

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