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Thread: Roller Tip Rocker Arms

  1. Jyrki,
    Where is the rocker arm project now? Is it progressing to the point that you can test a set? Just wondering, it's been awfully quiet.

  2. I still haven't got the roller tips from the machinist - he says customers are barging in every day with a "right now" deadline, as the snow melts and the season started for all sorts of racers and car buffs.

    I have ordered 200 pcs of helicoil inserts, a tap and a tool. They didn't have enough 3/8 UNF inserts in stock - we're metric here

    So I'm hoping we can get enough interest for ten rocker sets. Even eight sets would be enough, as I could leave two sets in stock. But I'm not going to make a run of ten sets and then try to sell them - we need to find enough interest before giving it a go.

    I'm not going to install these on my stock head, as retainer-to-guide clearance might be an issue with the increased lift. Let's assume I had a factory-stock cam with a .347" lift. With my rockers, multiply that by 1.1, and you get .3817". The stock retainer hits the stock guide at .400", all is well. But I'm running a reground stock-spec cam, and the grinders always remove some material out of the base circle, increasing lift slightly. Moreover, the stock rocker shaft height is correct for the stock cam and stock rockers. Let's assume I would just swap the roller-tip rockers and keep the stock cam. I would need 1/8" taller (= roller tip radius) shaft stands , for correct geometry. That said, I could keep the stock stand height but I'd lose some lift. But then I could also use the stock length pushrod.

    I'd rather put my energy on the "serious" head that is still at the welder.

    These rockers will work, 100% sure about that.

  3. 248

    These rockers do fit the 248 engine. The 248 rockers measure exactly the same as the 320 rockers, but the 248 uses only left- and righthand rockers (8 each), whereas the 320 uses 4 left, 4 right, and 8 straight rockers. You can use stock pushrods if you install 1/4" shims under the rocker stands, as you should do anyway, to get the correct installed height and geometry with these roller-tip rockers. You need the shims for both the 320 and 248.

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