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Thread: Twin Turbo nailhead?

  1. Twin Turbo nailhead?

    Anyone know anything about the twin turbo nailhead being built at Rad Rods (Troy Trepanier's garage)? Rumor is that the bottom end is getting reinforced with 4 bolt mains... This is a dream build for me and I'd love to hear more about it.

  2. twin turbo nailhead

    I have talked to Troy about this project. I like the serpentine belt setup he machined for the nailhead...I had Alan Johnson machine up some brackets for my 58 Caballero Wagon that got the accessories down low and made them less conspicuous..But on a hot rodded motor, the billet serpentine set up he has is way cool..wants a little over $2K for the the time I machined up the brackets for mine, I probably have that much in my one offs..But i wanted my engine compartment to look like it came that way..not hot rodded...But to get back to the 4 bolt main caps, they were machined by Troy and Crew...It is also a dry sump engine..going to run about 8 to 10 # of boost...has a special oil bath air cleaner that makes the car look cool with the air being drawn from the firewall area..Troy is on the top of the game..His engine compartments are unequaled..He is on the cutting edge..

  3. Troy rocks

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you're willing to post some pics of your Cabby.

    I completely agree that Troy is amazing. Ever since that turqouis pro street Impala he built waaay back I've admired every car he's built. The Predator, Bumongous, First Love, etc... the list is way too long to mention them all.

    Hopes are to also get a serpentine system for my nailhead. I'm not looking to maintain an era feel though, but there is an expectation to make it look clean. I like the way March Pully Systems builds theirs, but anything beyond the Chevy stuff doesn't look as good to me, so the search continues.

    Anyway, back to the garage.


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