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Thread: NOS Fuel Pump for 1937 Buick Series 40

  1. NOS Fuel Pump for 1937 Buick Series 40

    I have located a NOS fuel pump, an AC 421 (609454) for 1935-36 Chevrolet. Will this fuel pump work on my 37 Buick, series 40?

  2. nos fuel pump for 1937 Buick series 40

    You really dont want a nos pump from the 30s with todays gasoline, contact see if they have one that can handle todays ethonol laced fuels.

  3. nos fuel pump for 1937 Buick series 40

    Thanks for the advice! - I was also thinking, since my Buick does not have an original AC fuel pump but an aftermarket model, that I could also locate an original AC and then rebuild it with modern diaphragm/gaskets.

  4. Just because it is an AC pump, but was made for a Chevy, doesnt make it any more authentic than the aftermarket pump you have now. You want a pump made for your Buick. If Bobs doesn't have one try Antique Parts Cellar. They made me a new one with spare parts from AC.

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