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Thread: 1950 Buick VIN

  1. 1950 Buick VIN

    I got this 1950 two door hardtop about a year ago and just kind of set it off to the side. Well now, it's come time to get the title work all taken taken care of and I can't find the VIN. I've looked on the door frame and up on the dash, but no VIN plate. My question is, would the engine number be able to be cross referenced and find the chassis #? If not, has anyone had any luck with their local or state officials getting an "assigned VIN"?

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    There should be two screw holes on your left pillar where the vin was held on with two phillips screws. You may be able to find the vin on the top of the left frame rail near the brake cylinder
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  3. Thanks Bob. Will the number on top of the frame be on a plate too or will it be engraved/stamped?
    Creston as in British Columbia?

  4. So, I found the tag on the door frame (it was painted over) but it only has two numbers on it "88" and that's it. That doesn't seem right to me. It was held on by the two phillips screws though.

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