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Thread: 1967 buick skylark sheetmetal

  1. 1967 buick skylark sheetmetal

    Anyone know if you can get patch panels ie rear quarter panel,bottom of windscreen and floorpans

  2. '67 Skylark Sheetmetal

    Floor pans and trunk pans are stupid easy to get however best of luck in finding NOS or reproduced quarters. As far as I know nobody makes them (if someone knows of someone that does PLEASE post) you can find some used ones that are in good shape from yards in California I paid $2200 for the entire back half of a 64 2dr special that I had to unload in my drive with a lift. Tamraz's is a good source for pans. Best of luck with your build.
    Put An LS1 in it and go!

  3. I had no luck finding panels for my 67 skylark, I ended up buying sheet metal and shaping making my own patch panel, turned out better than I expected just takes a lot of time. JC Whitney sells quarters but I didn't want to take the chance on them.

  4. panels

    I see JC Whitney sell raer panels but they have no picture and the discription is vauge to say the least,if anyone has used these and has some feedback it would be nice to hear your view

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