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Thread: 1975 Regal 350 vacuum line diagram

  1. 1975 Regal 350 vacuum line diagram

    I am trying to rebuild this buick 350 and i cant find a vacuum diagram anywhere. Wondering if anyone has any information.

  2. Have you found your hose routing yet?
    If not I can try to photograph the diagram under the hood of my 1977 Century, with Buick 350 H code engine, carb Rochester 2 jet (GC model)
    Let me know if this might help.

  3. That would be great

    Hey man that would be really helpful cause the one i had is not there anymore. Thanks

  4. I'll run up tomorrow and get that for you

  5. thanks man

  6. Unhappy

    went under the hood on Sunday and found my diagram isn't ther. I'll sketch it out for you from actual. Sorry bout that

  7. thanks

    hey thanks man theres no real rush

  8. Smile

    Was just checking the reference section and found that the 1975 chassis manual has the vacuum line diagram you are looking for.

    Follow the following

    Reference-1975 Chassis Service Manual-Section 6 Engine-Section 6F Emission Control System All Series-page 28

    Hope this is what you needed.

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