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Thread: Buick Cylinder Head Casting Number

  1. Buick Cylinder Head Casting Number

    I'm tring to identify an iron V8 cylinder head which I'm pretty sure is a mid-sixties Buick 300, 340 or 350. The GM casting number is B1374870. I haven't found it in any of the posted listings. Anyone have info. on this? THANKS!

  2. 66-340 buick

    i just bought a 66 340 for my 62 F/85 cutlass and when i run the numbers i come up with a 340-4V-260hp, the one thing i can't figure out is the head numbers say they are a 66-300? is this correct? or did someone change the heads long ago? and if so why? it looks to be all numbers matching, meaning both heads have the same numbers and it all has the same date codes within a day of each other, also i can't seem to find the intake or exhaust manafolds anywhere. this is my first buick i'v owned so any info would be greatly appreciated. the numbers are as follows, BLOCK-1374557F, 243 MB, HEADS-RIGHT SIDE-B1376330J M-18, LEFT SIDE B1376330J M-17, INTAKE-B1374559E L-27, EXH MANIFOLDS-LEFT SIDE-B1375907 M-10, RIGHT SIDE B1375912, please let me know anything anyone knows about these and if it's worth my time to even rebuild it, i'm planning on boosting the hp as much as i can with just a hop up kit, i only gave a 100.00 bucks for it and it came with everything from pan to carb including PS pump and altenator, all brackets and starter, i thought is was a good buy, thanks for anu help anyone can give me.

  3. I'm tring to identify an iron V8 cylinder head which I'm pretty sure is a mid-sixties Buick 300, 340 or 350.

    sorry we didn't get back to you, John.

    Gessler shows that casting as having been on a 1965 300ci.!OpenDocument

    the one thing i can't figure out is the head numbers say they are a 66-300? is this correct? or did someone change the heads long ago?

    that casting was probably used on both displacements. the 300 and 340 are very close to identical, the 340 just has a taller deck and a wider intake.

    i wouldn't be concerned about our table not showing the casting number as eligible for both displacements. there are huge holes in the casting info for the small block Buick stuff and we know it.

    if it's worth my time to even rebuild it

    the 340, like most Buick's, is a very torquey engine. it would be excellent for street use if you just do a freshen up and maybe swap in a modern cam recurve the distributor and convert to HEI.

    if you want to use it for full on racing, parts and pieces for a 340 are far and few between. and they tend to be pricey because of that. and could both be very helpful with this.
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  4. heads

    john, i looked up your heads and according to gessler head porting web site they are a 1965 300 head, which mine on my 66 340 are a 66 300 head, and according to team buick, it's not that strange, buick 300/340 heads are the same, hope this helps, butch

  5. 62 f/85 cutlass

    i was woundering if anyone one knows what will interchange in my 62 cutlass front and rearend? they are 4 lug wheels and i'd like to change it to a 5 lug, either one that will bolt in from another car or just axels that will interchange also does anyone know anything about the rearend that they used back then, the olds site tells little about it. thanks butch
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  6. 340 buick

    i was looking at the spec sheet from your form and it doesn't list the rod length, so does anyone know the rod length on a buick 340? thanks butch

  7. 62 cutlass rearend

    does anyone know what will interchange with the 62 cutlass rearend? it has a 4 lug axel and i want to go with a 5 lug so i thought someone would know if there was a 5 lug from another BOP that would interchange with it, i know all of the other answers but if i can just swap axels it would be the easest, also does anyone know what type of rearend is in this car? is it a 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 or what, my understanding is it comes with some specail kind of trosion type spring loaded thing, anyone got info on it? i know this is a buick forum but i'v been on all of them asking the same things, and so far zero answers, maybe i'll be the first to blow the tries off the back of this little car, what is it, no one builds these little cars, i'm glad mine is in progress, harry

  8. Remove the front hubs & rear axles & have them drilled for a 5x4 1/2 or if enough room 5x4 3/4
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