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Thread: Rochester Quadrajet No Gas

  1. Rochester Quadrajet No Gas

    I have a 85 Buick Riviera which I just installed a Carburetor on. It seems to be working ok but having trouble getting gas up through the jets. I read up on others with this problem and said it needs to be primed with a eyedropper. Maybe I am a little dumb about this well it is only my 2nd time replacing a Carburetor. So my question is where on the carburetor is there a spot so small that you need to use an eyedropper to prime the Carburetor??

  2. All the quads I have looked at have the jets in the bottom of the float bowl, so I don't know how there would be any problem getting any gas into them. I have never heard of priming with an eyedropper?

    You say it seems to be working ok, but? If it is working at all, it must have some gas.

    I think you need to describe your problems more specifically.

  3. I have tried pouring some gas into the carburetor and in the front on top there are these two small holes which I have also put some gas into. I have finally gotten the car to run for a few seconds and it dies. I have also started to notice gas is starting to come out of the jets. So I wonder if I am putting the gas in the right way to get this thing going?

    Here is what I found on someone else having the same problem and what he was told to do.

    Re: Carb not getting gas. Car will not start.
    Sounds like you need to prime the carburetor before starting the car. You should always prime the fuel bowls before cranking or starting the motor. Reason is todays gas evaporates and causes the fuel to gum up and stick the inlet valve. Allowing the motor to draw the fuel to the carburetor after priming will prevent blowing the power valve in the carb as well. This is somewhat old school with carburetor cars. If you store your car for a length of time normally you should put fuel stabalizer in the system but always prime the carburetor if you take it out of storage to allow the fuel system to draw fuel from the tank. As a precaution don't crank the motor while pumping the gas waiting for the fuel pump to draw the fuel to the carburetor as this is called dry pumping and will blow the power valve in the carburetor. The motor won't idle or accelerate properly if the power valve is blown.
    Re: Carb not getting gas. Car will not start.
    Take a small amount of gas and pour it down the air tube. It will travel to the front fuel bowl and if its only been 6 months since you have run the car it won't take too much to return to normal operation. You should look at the accelerator pump and make sure its not leaking gas as sometimes the diaphrams will shrink and leak gas onto the manifold. "FIre hazzard" So be careful when starting a motor and don't let the leaking gas get to a spark. Make sure you place your air cleaner lid back on before cranking the motor in case of backfire. Keep a extinguisher close by also. If the power valve is blown you will notice the motor will idle low and when you try and rev it up it wll run wild and not idle. My guess the inlet valve in your carb is stuck holding the front float bowl up closing the fuel off from comming in. Once you have fuel back in the bowl it will probably loosen the gum from the valve. Wouldn't hurt to spray a little carb cleaner down the air tube where you prime it also. Let the car run at idle at first so the fuel will catch up to normal pressure. In past times I have found a dry rotten hose that connects the tank to the line near the axle housing allowing air in to the line preventing pressure and gas flow. Check this before you go to the trouble of priming the carb. It may be all thats wrong. Not enough pressure to maintain flow.

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    Yes, it sounds like you are not getting gas. Those suggestions are in line.

    It sounds like it is not getting gas. Have a look at this:
    (nobody mentioned the links weren't working....)

    Do you know where the air tube on your carb is?
    What you are calling jets are your accelerator pump discharge ports. They should give a squirt each time your throttle is advanced.
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  5. Nope Not sure where the air tube is and thanks for the info from that website. But the I did not have this problem until changing the carburetor, the old one would run but had a bad choke, was burning rich and I was told could not be rebuilt. I guess this is what I get for trying to use a used carburetor without having it rebuilt. The few seconds it ran I could tell the car will run alot better if I just get the carb to cooperate.

    So where are the Air Tubes on a Quad?

  6. LM,
    85 Riviera has an electronic Q-jet. They are rather finnicky compared to non electronic q-jets. You cannot just "bolt it on" and expect it to run real good. You need a dwell meter or a scanner to set the mixture control solonoid, and a scanner or dvm to set the throttle position sensor (TPS) I rebuilt the one on my Wife's 84 this summer and had no problems. Is the replacement carb the correct one for the car, same number ?? I have yet to see a Q-jet that cannot be rebuilt to work like new.
    Bill Koustenis
    Advanced Automotive Machine
    Waldorf Md

    Original owner:
    1971 Chevelle Heavy Chevy
    1984 Buick Riviera

  7. I had this car since 1995 and up til I tried replacing the carburetor myself I have discovered that the one that was on the car is not the original. The number comes up as for a Chevy(etc)305. And I realized that the fuel line had been rerouted to the side of the carb. The one I purchased is for an 84 Oldsmobile 307 which is in the car. I am thinking about taking this one and have rebuilt or purchase the one this car calls for.

  8. Finally today I figured it out and I did need the eyedropper to complete the task. What I had to do was get gas down into the bowl where the float is. My old carburetor which I pretty much scrapped after taking it apart I located the float still attached to the carb. Above the float in the top part of the carburetor is an opening just behind the butterfly. I had to use the eyedropper and put some gas down through the hole in the top. After doing this I got into the car turned the key and I'll be darned if it did not start right up. Talking about a happy camper.

    Car is running great but I will need to have this carb rebuilt, it is leaking gas from the gasket. I had a feeling this would need to be done since I bought it used. At least the car is running after being stored up for 4yrs.

  9. Rochester Quadrajet No Gas

    In the bottom of the float bowl are plugs that will allow fuel to leak out of float bowl into the intake manifold.
    When you have it overhauled have the mechanic seal those plugs with epoxy, a slow drying JB Weld with all surfaces well cleaned is reccomended, and 15 hours drying time before exposing to gas.

    I just went thru this with my 85 Buick.

  10. Rochester quadrajet carburetor question?

    I have a question on a rochester quadrajet carbs is it worth rebuilding or not i have a problem with mine the fuel start coming out the carb were the gas pump the carb is and it idles poorly this never happen to me before when this happen when is check my fuel filter and spray carb cleaner on the carb..

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